About AcclimateUs

Whether it’s building multi-million-dollar sales pipelines, launching new products, improving the effectiveness of partnerships and alliances, or delivering goal-exceeding content, PR, or digital media and marketing campaigns, our aim is to provide the expertise and support that’s needed to take a company’s marketing and business development efforts to the next level. Something about policy and advocacy here xyz.

We’ve worked with leaders like Amazon, Dell, VMware, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, Ibis Networks, San Mateo County Office of Education, Symantec, FICO, Eaton, UL, SoftBank and Cisco to help them build environmental programs and initiatives (need to edit this list down to 3-5 companies) and achieve impressive results.

In addition, we specialize in collaborative program management involving cross-organizational and cross-functional teams helping organizations maximize both internal and external resources. We also work with government agencies and NGOs to support the adoption of climate-related legislation and enable organizations to expand their reach.



President and senior advocate

Carol Schmitt